Thursday, December 1, 2016

Do You Know How To Use Google?

Check out the summary findings of a recent study regarding student's ability to assess validity of online content. Do you activity teach your students how to search for information? Are they (and you) aware of the fact that their search results are often tailored to their online search activity, and may be vastly different from someone else's results who searched for the same information? Do they recognize bias in their results? Do they know how to customize their searches to get more accurate information? 
I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Alan November (author of "Who Owns The Learning") speak at the TedX event this fall in West Vancouver.
My Sketchnote from Alan November's TedX Talk, West Vancouver
Take a few minutes to watch him speak in the attached video. 

The whole video is worth the time, but in the context of this topic, focus on the timestamp 6:30-14:09. I would love to hear your reflection!

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